Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone!
So if you made it here, that probably means you received a holiday postcard from me, and are wondering what I've been up to lately. This past year has brought a lot of wonderful changes and I'll try and highlight a few here.

Even though I'm far away from many of my amazing friends (you!) I hope we can stay in touch, and it also means we get a chance to travel and see each other! If I haven't heard from you lately, let's catch up sooooon.

So, what's new with me??

In December 2013, I left Athens, GA (where I had worked at the University of Georgia in a stream ecology lab for a year-long job) and moved back to Dayton, Ohio.

In February 2014, I started working at the City of Dayton, Department of Water, Division of Environmental Management, as an Environmental Scientist. I work with a team of 6 others in the division, and I specifically work on storm water monitoring, water quality sampling, inspections, complaint and spill response, and education and outreach.

Here's a photo of my summer intern and I out doing some sampling.
Yeah, who ya gonna call? Environmental Protection!
I'm really enjoying my job and I got outside a lot this summer while driving around all of Dayton monitoring all 550+ storm water outfalls (and tromping through a lot of honeysuckle in the process!)
I'm excited to start taking on some new projects for our education and outreach aspect this winter/spring, so keep an eye out for updates on that.

But outside of work, I've been really busy and happy and going on lots of adventures with new and old friends, and with my amazing girlfriend Emmy. Here we are (below) at a wedding for one of Emmy's friends in Duluth, MN. We've been together since the spring and are really happy (as hopefully you can tell from the photos below).

Some of the really fun adventures we've had over the last year include:

A weekend in Indianapolis, riding the bikeshare and exploring!

 Growing stuff in the garden!
Pickling and Making Jam

Fourth of July weekend in Athens, GA!

Riding bikes!

A weekend in Charleston, WV for Senia and Jimmy's wedding (Congrats!)

A weekend hiking and camping in Hocking Hills, OH

Celebrating Emmy's 30th birthday! (With go-carts of course!)

A long weekend in Chattanooga, TN to celebrate Emmy's birthday.
We saw cuttlefish at the aquarium (I was SO excited), explored downtown, ate delicious food, went mountain biking...

Cuttlefish at the aquarium!!!
Mountain biking

Exploring downtown Chattanooga near the river and aquarium


Yep, we went hang gliding!! So much fun, you should definitely do it if you get the chance.

I really love living in Dayton again, and my historic neighborhood is the best! I'm currently on the neighborhood board as the VP, aka the social event coordinator. Here's me and my awesome neighbor/landlord Laurie (we live on either side of a duplex).

My parents are doing well, and I see them and Drew, and Rick and Stacey on a more regular basis now, which is great.  Here we are at a cousin's wedding reception, looking all fancy.

It's great to be so close to my family and some midwestern friends, but I would love to see each of you soon, so know that I'm just a short drive or flight away, and you always have a place to stay here in Dayton!

Merry Christmas!!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Up to the Northwoods!

Breakfast at Short Stack Eats in Madison

Cool store in downtown madison
Octopus car wash sign
Oh look Lake Superior! ...covered in fog
Mini donuts by the lake
Feet in the deepest Great Lake
Practicing my log rolling 
Beautiful view from the reception
Don't forget the fun shoes!
Bride and dad dancing