Monday, April 27, 2009

End the University as We Know It?

My good friend Tim posted this article on Facebook recently and I found it very interesting.
Here's a link to the full article:
but I'd like to highlight one point.

The author starts to talk about six ways that universities need to be restructured and rethought as we move forward in today's dynamic world. One of these suggestions ties in directly with what I'm trying to do in my interdisciplinary studies major. Sometimes it's good to know that other people out there understand your vision. Check it out:

"2. Abolish permanent departments, even for undergraduate education, and create problem-focused programs. These constantly evolving programs would have sunset clauses, and every seven years each one should be evaluated and either abolished, continued or significantly changed. It is possible to imagine a broad range of topics around which such zones of inquiry could be organized: Mind, Body, Law, Information, Networks, Language, Space, Time, Media, Money, Life and Water.

Consider, for example, a Water program. In the coming decades, water will become a more pressing problem than oil, and the quantity, quality and distribution of water will pose significant scientific, technological and ecological difficulties as well as serious political and economic challenges. These vexing practical problems cannot be adequately addressed without also considering important philosophical, religious and ethical issues. After all, beliefs shape practices as much as practices shape beliefs.

A Water program would bring together people in the humanities, arts, social and natural sciences with representatives from professional schools like medicine, law, business, engineering, social work, theology and architecture. Through the intersection of multiple perspectives and approaches, new theoretical insights will develop and unexpected practical solutions will emerge."

Now he might be a bit optimistic about how quickly and radically universities can change (they are sooo attached to the department model, at least UD is), but I don't see why we can't move towards more collaboration both formally and informally.
Something to think about and take back to your school at the very least.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Thought

I'm so glad that this has taken me so long
Cuz it's the journey that made me so strong
-Snow Patrol

I heard this again today while I was driving and I wanted to share it because I think it's really important to value every period of your life. I also truly believe that the journeys I've taken have given me the strength I have today and its even little things. Like, the first time I was alone in Brisbane in the airport and I had to find my own way into the city. It may seem like such a small step, but I'm different now that I have the confidence to travel alone.
Journeys...maybe take a moment to look around and see where you are on yours and what you've learned.

-thoughtfully yours

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yeah, I party with rockstars....

Ok, so here's how it is:
I drove Guster in my car to a party at Drew's house where we proceeded to party with them, like 'no biggie' this happens every Sunday night.
It was so amazing though, pretty much surreal and an insane whirlwind of craziness.
The show was so rockin though because the Jaywalkers (that's Drew's band) opened and I was just so proud of them and that was definitely the best show they've ever played!
Then Wild Sweet Orange, a cool band from Alabama played and then Guster played.
Guster was such a fun band to listen to at a concert because they really had fun with it and kept trading instruments and stuff.
Then, through virtue of my coolness (and some volunteering and donating clothes) I snagged backstage passes to meet Guster after the show for myself and four friends.
That was way cool and we got some great photos with them and signatures, but then Drew was like, 'Katie, do you have room in your car I might need you to drive some ppl back to my place'. So i was like 'Sure, no problem'. Little did I know that he had invited Guster and Wild Sweet Orange back to his place for a little party/shindig. So we go out back to the tour buses and they're like, oh hey, can you drive two of the guys from Guster in your car over to the party? So I did and it was really cool cuz they were totally down to earth and friendly.
Surprisingly for a Sunday night there was a fair amount of students that showed up to hang out and Guster stayed for a while til they had to get back to the tour bus.
Overall it was one heck of a night and I can't imagine how we'll ever top that.
Moral of the story, always have amazing friends who turn into rockstars so they can introduce you to other rockstars.

p.s. see facebook for photos!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The cupcakes that inspired a blog

today I helped Alice and Margaret make vegan tiramisu cupcakes, which was really fun and delicious.
And from that Margaret was like "these are so good, I wish I had a food blog like I've always wanted so that I could put a photo of them on it and be cool like that"
A camera was found, the cupcake was photographed. (It will soon go on to be America's Next Top Model Cupcake).
Next ensued a creative period of brainstorming for blog names and eventually one was settled upon. It was fun, conveyed the foodiness of the blog and the fact that we are dorky all in one fell swoop.
Thus, the birth of a new blog entitled: Culinary Adventures of the Vege-Nerds.

We hope to all add to it as we continue to live together over the summer and through next school year. It's an experiment of shared cooking, friendship and fun. What could be better.

heres the link and feel free to share your recipes with us too


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So, after over 20 hours of travel, I finally arrived home back to Cincinnati late last night.
I'll try to type some more tomorrow but today was mostly 'show and tell' day with my mom.
Can't wait to see everyone!!!