Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real Fast

So I'm about to sleep but I just wanted to say that I've been in school work a week now and I think I'm going to like it. I've enjoyed almost all of my classes and I hope to have a lot of fun this semester as well. I also love being able to cook my own meals and hang out in my new hammock!!
Pictures of Luke to come (as I've decided to call my new hammock)!

Finally, I wish that everyone would keep up their blogs (good job Rachel) even though school has or will start. I think its great to just read everyones thoughts every once in a while.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New School Year, New Beginnings

A new semester of college begins tomorrow at 8am and to me this means many things.

Part of me is really excited because I love the first day of school. I always, pick out my outfit, pack my lunch go to bed early and wake up early because I just love that new beginning of classes and new start of learning. I'm really excited about this year because I have a feeling that junior year will be full of fun and new things. I really hope to branch out in my classes and experiences this year in many ways. I'm living in an apt this year so I will have to cook most of my own food. I'm also living with 5 other girls which should be both lots of fun and very crazy trying to coordinate and just physically live together (ie showering, cooking, having friends over, etc). I'm taking more diverse classes, where I will hopefully learn new and interesting and useful things. I'm working with some great people and involved in the amazing Rivers Institute. Hopefully, I'll meet some new people (coughnewboyscough). And I'm also really pumped about my ceramics class, so maybe some of you lucky ones will get a Katie original. : D
And, if all goes according to plan, in January I'll be leaving on a jet plane to the far away southern hemisphere to learn and experience the amazingness that is New Zealand and Australia. We'll see.
So, I suppose I should jump into bed, get some beauty sleep and get ready to start my JUNIOR year of college.
Wow, we are juniors... blows my mind sometimes.

Good night and sleep tight,

Kate - girl wonder: ready for anything! (see below)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boredom: Good or Bad?

Good boredom is one of those things that is really hard to appreciate because it is so easily turned into bad boredom. I haven't had much to do these past couple of days on campus and I've been trying really hard to keep it a good not busy, but I still feel like I should be out and about hanging out with friends and visiting and making the most of my time here without classes to get in the way. I am glad the summer is over and I can't wait to start school, if not only to give me something to do, but to learn! I also want to cook delicious food and make the most of my time with my friends.
Hm, so I've been reading this book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and it's really got me thinking a lot about food, and the food that we eat and how I really don't like the majority of the food that I consume. One way that I hope to really fix this is by not going out to eat. Not that I do this very often anyways, but I think it will not only save me money, but it will also save my conscience and my health.
I should probably post some pictures soon. Maybe I'll get a good one of my new room tomorrow and put it up so everyone can see my cute little desk/bed space.
I really hope I get to see people before they go off to school this semester, like you Chelsea and Liz, so maybe we can plan something around Labor day? Any thoughts on this?

I guess finally I will share with everyone my schedule for this semester since Rachel has shared hers and I am pretty excited about mine as well.

-Water and Waste Water Management (a Civil & Environmental Engineering course)
-Thermodynamics (a Mechanical Engineering class -I'm taking this so I can take Renewable Energy Systems next year)
-Environmental Justice (a Social Work class)
-my required honors class which is basically a big research project
-River Stewards mini-course

So that's all.

Miss and love all of you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunny Side Up

So much has happened since I last posted.
I spent a few days having fun with Alice and Margaret, hitching my way south. Then this past week I spent with 25 amazing people learing sooo much and having a blast doing it. And now I'm in sunny Florida, soaking in the sun and the waves and the reading. I'll be back to Dayton on the 10th and I hope to see everyone super soon!