Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Homestretch....

Today is my last day in Brisbane, and outside the USofA for that matter. I fly out tomorrow and have an extra long April 1st because I'll be flying into the past...ooooh
I stop through Auckland (YAY! NZ once more for a short bit), then San Fran, Denver and finally Dayton.

Don't forget I'll be back April 1st at around 11:30pm if anyone wants to meet me at the Dayton airport.

Love you and see you soooooon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tat, Tat, TAT it UP!

Apparently I'm leaving Australia with quite the crazy bang.
First skydiving, then swiming with sharks and sea turtles and now...
a tattoo!

Yes, the long awaited study abroad tat has happened and I'm so excited about it. I really love it and it honestly didn't hurt bad at all. Thankfully though it only took about 20min so I wasn't enduring the stinging for long. There's a photo album on facebook (or the sidebar) but here's a photo of it pretty fresh ( I mean it's only 5hours old, just a baby):

You may be wondering about the rocks, yes, they're stacked rocks. It's called a cairn and it's a bit hard to explain the meaning to me but I'll give it a try. First, it's all about balance. Finding balance in my life and in everything I do. Cairns can also be used by travelers to show direction. So, it's about knowing that there's direction in my life even if I don't understand it yet. Sometimes, they're also used in memory of something or someone, and this one is partially in memory of this long journey that I've had. As for they brown/red color, I wanted it to be similar to henna and very earthy, but I also didn't want a really dark bold black tattoo.

There it is then and ya'll can see it in person in a few days. Esp if you come to see me at the airport! Please do, I really want to see all the people that are important to me, so of course my family, but I'd like to see some friends too if any of you are willing to drive...
If not, I promise to come visit UD soon or I'll see you over spring break if your in Cincy or close to it.

Miss you all and make sure to check out the new photo albums on facebook!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hell Yeah I Just Went Skydiving!!!!!

As the title to the post explains, I just jumped out of a tiny (4person +pilot) plane over the great barrier reef at 14,000ft!!!!!!!
I also spray-dyed my hair red and blue before we went up and of course I bought the video so ya'll can watch it. I must put in a disclaimer though because right as we're jumping/falling out of the plane I yell the f-word really loud...
It was so fun though and I'm really glad I did it. We landed on the beach and it was sooo beautiful. I'll try to post some photos when we get back to Brisbane.

Also we were just in the outback two days ago and chilled with LOTS of kangaroos and I have pictures of that as well. We also saw kookaburas, an echidna and gliders. No platypus though cuz they are all a conspiracy!

I can't wait to come home and see everyone and if any of the Dayton folk want to meet me at the airport on Apr 1st around midnight you're more than welcome to. I won't be stopping to visit though.
Enough for now.
(skydiver extrordinaire!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Waltzing Matilda in the Outback...Here I Come

Well, we're about to leave for the outback tomorrow and we'll be there for three days before we head over to the Great Barrier Reef! I'm excited about both of those and hope to post photos when I get back to Brisbane later.
This week we've just been taking ecology class and doing lots of homework : (
I've also been thinking and talking a lot about the road trip I want to take with my new friend Michelle. However, we're trying to find the best way to do it and how to make it as sustainable as possible, esp since we'll most likely be driving....thoughts?
Also, we'd like to have a purpose for our journey other than visiting all the people I know on the east coast but haven't figured that out either...
I'm also trying to figure out a thesis topic related to water, water issues, rivers, etc so if anyone has ideas I'd really appreciate any sort of dialogue about that.
Finally, if anyone wants anything from Australia, let me know before I leave.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hello All,
I hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
They seem to not really celebrate it much here in Australia, but...I think a bunch of us are going to find an Irish pub tonight. Too bad I don't like beer. Not.
Anyway, I could spend this post talking about all the stuff I saw in the rainforest, etc, but I'm not really feeling that right now. So if you're interested just give me a shout (or comment, w/e).
The only thing I did see that was cool were padamelons (sp?) or mini kangaroos. They were cute

I've been trying to figure out what this whole experience means and how much I've changed since doing this and it's weird knowing that I'm not the same anymore but not yet knowing what that means or how I should take this experience back to my other life and meld the two.
I don't want to come back and go back to what I was before but how do I fit in with everyone who hasn't changed? or if they have, will relationships with friends, etc be the same?
I have been missing everyone a lot lately and I think that's because I don't really like Brisbane/AU as much as I did NZ and I don't feel that connection with it. I mean, it's fun and all but not my place really. Too hot maybe.

Seriously though, I'd love to hear from everyone and I also want to make sure to hang out with everyone before people go off in different directions for summer to let me know what you've been up to and where you're going to be this summer.

Love from Oz,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rainforest Adventures

Hey All,
I'm back in Brisy but I have to run to class so I can't type much.
Just a quick update though that I've been to the rainforest and lived to see the world's most poisonous (sp?) spider!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


How sweet is that!?!
I was also really sick with nausea yesterday but I still went and it was amazing! It was such a good concert and they played so many good songs and they're just so fun and funny and I didn't realize the lead singer was so hot!
They also played my favorite song Green Eyes, which isn't really one of their most popular so I didn't think they'd play it, but they DID and it was soooooooooo wonderful. I recorded a video of it on my camera and I'll try to get that up here soon. Sigh... if you know how much I love that song you'd understand how excited I was to hear him sing it live. Also, if anyone ever sings that song TO me I will probably melt into a puddle and marry them (ok, maybe that's a bit extreme, but i really like it, cuz it's about me, i have green eyes).

As for other things, I'm not sure how I'm feeling towards Australia. I like it so far, but I think I need to get out of Brisbane and be done with this geography class and start to actually SEE some of the country.

Also, I'm trying to figure out what my plans are for this summer so if anyone has ideas let me know. I SHOULD work on my thesis, but...I can do that as long as I have internet. And, if you'd be interested in taking a road trip through the N. East and east coast of the U.S. let me know cuz I'm looking for a travel buddy to go and visit all the people I know there. And.. if you'd like to be on the itinerary of people to visit, let me know. So far the places I'd love to go are: Ithaca, NY to visit Tim; Burlington, VT to visit University of Vermont; Boston, MA; Hartford, CT; NYC; Washington, DC; Big Island, VA to visit Senia; Charlotte, NC to visit Melissa; Asheville, NC; Athens, GA to visit my UGA friends; Atlanta, GA; Chattanooga, TN; Knoxville, TN; and back to Ohio. A lot I know, but I'm feeling ambitious.

p.s. Where is everyone living next year???!!!!??? I'm so excited to hear where we're all going to be. Hell yeah we got College Park!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Surfin in Oz

So yesterday on our free day a bunch of us took the train from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise. It was so beautiful there, but also very crowded. Melissa and I rented a surf board and the waves were soooo powerful and much bigger then when I tried in NZ. It was still loads of fun though and I even stood up twice!!!!!!!
I've added some photos from the rest of NZ, spring break with Rick and Stacey in Auckland and Sydney and a bit of Australia so far.
I put the link on the left hand side so look for that. Also, there's waaaay more photos then I've put up so I'll be putting on a traveling slide show with commentary when I get back to the states.
Love you all!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Brisy and Spring Break

Ok, sorry for not updating. I was on spring break with Rick and Stacey and I just got into Brisbane a day or two ago and now I can get on at an internet cafe.

Traveling with them was sooo fun and I really had a great time. In Sydney we ate at this AMAZING (world's largest) revolving restaurant called Summit. It was on the 47th floor and it was probably the fanciest place I've ever eaten.

But now I'm in Brisy (Brisbane) and I'll be here for about a week, so I'll have time to come back and update longer.
It's weird to be back in school mode but...
I did buy this reallllly cute rainbow colorful dress and I hope to put up LOTS of photos soon so be looking for those.