Friday, May 30, 2008

A Really Creative Title

Home again, home again...

So, as you might have guessed, I'm back home with the fam. Thursday was not terribly exciting although Beth and I did try to go to a bead store but it was closed. : (

Today, I tried really hard at work to find things to do but couldn't come up with much. I wish it wasn't so boring, but alas. I did however have time to read some blogs and search for some scholarships and loans and grad schools. So I am actually being productive, just not in the way that my boss might like. (It's sort of his fault cuz he's not here and I can't do much til I hear back from some people I emailed). I read all about Liz and her crazy plane flight. This makes me very nervous about flying to New Zealand, but I'm still going to do it. I also cannot wait to see some pictures from Liz! As for pictures from me, I'm at home and I don't have my laptop so I can't really put any up, but I will later. Also, I know I haven't posted my pictures from when I visited Senia, but....I guess I don't really have any excuse except for laziness.

So I met up with Meredith for dinner at Chipolte (YUM!!!) and Zip Dip (YUM!!!!!!!). And that was lots of fun. We talked and talked and caught up about all that we had been doing. She has a bf who sounds just great and I'm glad that she's happy. It's good when a fun, cool, sweet, smart, friend finds someone she's happy with.
Anyways, enough about boys ( :P) who needs them anyways right Liz?

: D

Hmm...I don't really have any deep thoughts for today. I've been thinking of everyone who is overseas, and even those who I just haven't seen recently. I'm also kinda bumed cuz K. Price is retiring and I need to see her too.

Wishes to everyone for a happy weekend.

Short and Sweet,

Please Excuse Me

Ok, so as Rachel has so kindly pointed out, Captain Shang is the BEST Disney man/hero. The only reason Beth and I did not include him in our discussion was because he was not, technically speaking, a prince. I must agree that Shang is amazing and hot. I apologize for any distress that was caused by this thoughtless comment. (Although, of the princes I still like Phillip. He's so much better then Eric)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Traffic Watching

Earlier today was pretty boring and typical at work.

After work though, I found Beth and we hung out which was uber fun!
We went to Ben & Jerry's and ate ice cream and watched the traffic at the light. Now, this may not seem that exciting, but we had a great time being creepers and people watching the drivers and passengers in the cars. There was this one dude who had a huge nose but thought he was totally cool. There was also this bus from OSU, don't ask me why they were there. Anyways, I decided to wave to the people on it, thinking that they were going to just drive by, but no, they had to stop right next to us and get out and eat at the fancy restaurant right next door. So of course Beth and I thought this was hilarious and embarrassing, but also lots of fun.
Then we went down the street to Boston Stoker and this really friendly happy guy asked us how we had enjoyed our day and if we had gone outside. So he gave us our DELICIOUS chai tea lattes and we sat around and read our books that we had brought, because of course you have to bring your book to the coffee shop and sit around and look cool and intellectual. I'm reading the Alchemist right now for out book club which is a very easy read, but pretty interesting so far.

After that we leisurely walked back to our rooms and then hung out eating fruit and discussing which Disney prince was the best (Phillip of course). We also tried to decide which fictional men we love and want to meet. (Oh, Mr. Darcy, sigh)

Ok, so here are some photos from today:

This is my half cubicle....I'm only slightly fond of it. Also this professor stopped by today and asked me if I was from New Zealand, and I was like, well, no, but I'm going there. And he told me all about how he taught there for 6 months and loved it and was homesick for it when he looked at my flag. He also told me he would bring in his 3 photo albums to show me. So that was an unexpected but fun thing today.

This is the awesome tiny English convertible I saw today in the parking lot. It was soo small and cute!

Coffee!!! (which I actually don't like , but w/e)

A sweet drawing on the Expresso Yourself board:
That is all for now my friends.

sleepily yours,

p.s. Drew, I think we should merge our book clubs (Emily and I have started one if I didn't tell you about that). We're meeting at Boston Stoker which is so chic. Anyways, lets do this!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Playing Ketchup

I must apologize for not writing this past weekend. I was in "wild and wonderful" West Virginia visiting my roommate Senia. And even though I got back yesterday afternoon I was just too tired to type everything that had happened.

I guess I'll start where I left off.
Friday: After going to a boring meeting in the morning I left with a friend to drive down to West Virginia. The drive went pretty well, a bit boring, but what else can you ask for? I got to Senia's house around dinner time and we ate. Then she gave me the grand tour of her house, which I must say is old and big and beautiful! I took some photos but it's hard to get the feel of the house without actually being there. Basically, the house has lots of little levels that "spiral" around a central staircase. West Virginia on the whole though is very mountainy/hilly and since we had great weather it was also very green and gorgeous. That evening we met some of Senia's friends at a local coffee shop and sat around and talked.

Saturday: Senia had to work in the morning so I woke up and spent it reading outside in the sunshine! I also talked to her grandmother who was very nice and cute. Then we went down to a sort of summer fair/festival thing with lots of crafts and music and food and dancing. Next we went thrift store-ish shopping. And I was so jealous because Senia found these sweet red jeans that were on sale for $3!!! I did get some great things too though. For dinner Senia's mom made some great food, including delicious cornbread. That night we played lazer tag, which, as some of you know, I'm not terribly fond of, but it was ok. Mostly I just found a good place to hideout and sniped people.

Sunday: We woke up early and walked downtown on this forest trail which was so cool. There were lots of trees and even a grave were two women spies from the civil war were buried. As we passed over this bridge, a train went under us and I took a cool video on my camera of it. We ate breakfast at this awesome little bookstore, shop, cafe. I really, really liked it. If it had been just a little funky-er I might have just stayed there all day. It was the kind of bookstore/cafe I would like to be a regular at. Then we ate homemade icecream and hung around the cool, old, stately library. The rest of Sunday wasn't too exciting. I hung out with Senia's sister and friend, ate yummy local steak for dinner, then Senia and I walked around her scenic neighborhood.

Monday wasn't much. I drove back to Dayton, took a nap. Read some. Mostly just chilled.

I must say though that I truly appreciate everyone's advice and responses and reassurances about my traveling and future fears. I think some of it is my jealousy at everyone else living their international adventures this summer. I think I will have my own adventures this summer too, just small ones though.

I did take some pictures while I was in West Virginia and I'm going to put those on my facebook. Since all of you have that, just check there for those so I don't have to spend a bunch of time uploading them here.

Hope everyone is safe. : D


p.s. Here is a photo though: (this is a small sculpture of a man trying to climb out of the side of a building!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild & Wonderful WV

Well, I'm at Senia's so I can't type long but I'll type later!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wasn't It Just Wednesday?

Overall I would say today was probably a 5 on a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 is the best day ever and 0 the worst. It was pretty much average. I did see 9 frogs/toads today though with was kind of cool. Granted they were all around the same small pond, but how often do you see 9 toads? Anyways, I mostly didn't do much, although pilates was nice again. I went to BW3's for the first time and it was pretty much what I thought it would be: boring, lots of guys watching and cheering for sports, beer, sports, talking, sports, oh wait, did I mention sports? I mean, I guess it was ok but I wasn't really into any of the games that were on and I only knew 2 of the people we were with, my roommate and her bf, so...whatever. Hm...dinner was fun though, yummy grilled cheese and fruit and veggies with humus!!

I'm really pumped about going to visit Senia this weekend. I've heard so many good things about how beautiful WV is so I'm expecting some great photo opportunities. I'm not sure if any of the people I know going abroad are taking cameras, but I would love to see some pictures of where you are staying and some scenery, etc.

There's not much else to say about today. I think Rachel's musings about the universe were pretty interesting if not a bit out there. By the way I finished one of the books on my list and have started another one, meaning I'm focusing on a new one because I never read just one book at a time.

Finally, I've been thinking a fair amount about traveling and what I want to do in my life and I think that I'm afraid. Afraid in many ways. What if I don't get to see and experience all of the places I want to go to? What's stopping me from not doing the things and visiting the places I want to? I don't want to be afraid of the world that's out there but how do you jump into it and travel fearlessly and find the right balance between planning and letting the "road" lead you to where you're supposed to go? For example, I never thought I wanted to travel to Asia really, but I do. I want to go to India, or Tibet and stay and meditate with monks. I want to hug the Dalai Lama. I want to see places and photograph them and travel just for the knowledge and culture and experience. I want to see mountains. I want to see huge oceans. I want to learn snipits of other languages and taste new foods. I want to meet average people who don't take the American standard of living for granted. I want to meet farmers who actually grow food. I don't want to be afraid of leaving behind the comfortable.


I think most of all, I don't want to fear regret.

Ok, so if anyone has thoughts on that, especially people who might be experiencing some of those things right now, please give me some feedback.
If not, I'll figure it out.
So here's my pictures for today, sorry they're not as beautiful as yesterday's but, life's not always pretty, right?

pensively yours,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a quick update

So it's pretty late and my roommate's already asleep but I wanted to type a few things about to day and especially to add the photos I took today.

Most of my day was actually pretty boring. I participated in a workshop seminar retreat thing. It was ok, but I really wanted to be outside. I did get a break and took some time to wander around outside this beautiful place we were at. They had a labyrinth there and I walked that (you'll see the pictures). I wasn't sure about the labyrinth at first, but once I got into and used the time to think through some thoughts and problems I really enjoyed it. I also wanted to say that I took a few pictures of the tall grasses today and I really love the way they look blowing in the wind. I know that I did not capture the beauty and feeling and wave/ocean/water like quality the fields have when the wind blows on them, but I'm not sure that motion is something easily captured by a still photograph.

Ok, well, I really must be going so I'll leave you with some pictures.
This first one is the labyrinth.


p.s. One exciting thing though, my new shoes came and i LOVE them!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday's Tidings

So, I think eventually I will get the hang of this bloggyness. :D Do you like that word I just made up? I quite enjoy it.
Anyway, I think perhaps I should explore some blogs of others to gather ideas and just get a sense of blogging etiquette. It seems that after that first post I should stay away from the details and things that most of my friends who are reading this already know.

Here are some thoughts from today. Working in half of a cubicle can be dull unless you decorate it. Color is wonderful! I also went to my first Pilates class today with my roommate and we both enjoyed it. I really like that feeling you get after a good stretch when you can take a really big deep breath. I helped my roommate make bread, or start to make bread. And normally this might not get me thinking, but I really like the idea and process of making bread. It's very homey and useful and delicious. When I was kneading the dough it felt like I was back in time. Sort of like that mindset you get when you hang out the laundry on a beautiful windy day with your mom or grandma. It makes me smile.

The other thing that I'm very excited about is the summer book club Emily and I started. We are going to read the Alchemist, which I've heard is good. Not only am I excited about reading a good book and discussing it with friends, but we're going to meet at a little coffee shop. It's like the quintessential book club experience. Something about the smell of coffee, a good chai tea latte, a good book, thoughtful discussion and welcome company makes me very happy. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing though.

Something else that makes me happy is photography. I was looking at a few other blogs and I saw people putting up photos of their day or their city or whatever. This made me want to put up a picture everyday, or at least every week so others can enjoy something that I enjoyed enough to photograph. I'm thinking this will also force me to keep my camera ready with me and make sure I actually take photos this summer. Not that I wasn't planning on photographing anyways, but this will be fun to do. Since I didn't have my camera with me today, I think I'll just put up one of my favorites from around campus.

One last thought for tonight: I really love Italian dressing!

Ok, I hope everyone is safe and dry and well.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here Goes Nothing

Hello Good Reader,

First, Welcome!
Thanks for visiting my humble blog and I hope it's everything you thought it would be.
: D

Anyways. As the description at the top explains (somewhat), I have many friends who are going to be traveling all over the world this summer and most of us are keeping up with each other through blogs. I was hesitant to commit myself to doing this, but, I feel it will be a good way to let everyone know the excitement that is Dayton, Ohio in the summer! Actually though, there are more things to do here than I originally thought.

I guess I should just start with the basics. This summer I am working as an intern for the Rivers Institute and as a research assistant for one of my professors at UDRI. At the Rivers Institute I'm going to be hanging out with some of the coolest people on campus as well as benchmarking, researching and planning alongside my co-intern and the coolest kid on the block, LIZ!

At UDRI I'm going to be researching agriculture plastics and their impact on the environment. This means finding out what kinds there are, how they are disposed of (burned, recycled, etc) and how we can change this for the better.

Hm...perhaps this is enough for now. But let me say that I have a great roommate and have been having lots of fun so far. Also, at the bottom of this blog is a Summer Reading List that I'm compiling for this summer. I hope to read quite a bit this summer and cross some of these off. However, if you have any recommendations or wish to discuss some of these fine pieces of literature, by all means, let me know.

Farewell for now.