Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Views from Above

I'm so excited because I finally found the memory cards for my camera, so I can FINALLY start taking pictures again and posting them here.

This is my balcony outside my bedroom.

This is the view of downtown from the balcony.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was looking in my sketchbook this morning to work on drawing some conceptual sketches of an art project I might be working on, when I came across some expressive journaling notes I wrote this summer. Most of these were written to just get emotions and confusion out of my head, but looking back at them is just as important. Maybe sharing them here could help others as well...

-denial is not the answer. finding release in a balance of physical and emotional and artistic understanding that by repressing the erotic I repressed the spark that draws others

-finding ways to push yourself towards freedom of spirit. accepting that sexuality is individuality and there is no shame or wrong in understanding desire

-I am a social being and feeling disconnected and alone makes me depressed

-being alone does not have to be negative. it can be a time of renewal and reflection. use this time to balance, for upon the return of others, there is always the unknown. do not let yourself become unknown

-it is unhealthy to contain the creative erotic and by doing so I only hurt myself. expression doesn't fix everything but it creates a dynamic of change and possibility that would otherwise become stagnant and fester with negligence

-taking time for myself is just as important as fighting for change. I cannot burnout but must instead balance the worlds needs with my own

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm not even going to try and catch up for this summer right now. Or appologize for not posting, since this is just an outlet for myself and not a commitment to updating my whereabouts (like it was when I traveled).
That being said, I'd like to share this bio I wrote about myself. Just because.

Katie Norris is self-proclaimed free-spirit and ginger (red-head). Academically, she is a senior undergraduate Environmental Science major interested in water. Katie is unsure of where she is going in life, just like everyone else, but trusts in the journey. On a practical note, she plans to attend grad school next year for Water Resources or Environmental Science. Some of Katie's passions include social and environmental justice, the earth, making and enjoying art (especially ceramics and photography), poetry, hammocks, bicycling, reading, laughing, hugging, making clothes, learning, cooking, gender issues, traveling, canoeing, and thinking.